Monday, 16 July 2012

Make Up Game Defiantly On Point

I remember going a random search on Youtube for tutorials on how to do the Kim Kardasian smoky eye when I came across the LilPumpkinPie05 YouTube channel and have been subscribing ever since.

Like many I’m sure; I love getting make overs and seeing the results and also love being inspired by the bold beauty and fashion choices people make, which usually results in me buying loads of amazing make up and coming to the realisation that I have no idea what to do L

That’s why Ms JackieO has been a life saver to me as she regularly gives her unique interpretation of not only make up but hair and fashion trends.

I have spent many an evening getting ready to go out with my laptop by the mirror as I follow her Make up tutorials and even though I am far from being a make-up artist I am always happy with the results.

Obviously it would be silly to take beauty and fashion tips from some on that looks like a Troll but I do have to add that this lady ALL ways looks effortlessly fly and has even been brave enough to do the one of the most unmentionable thing to a most women (and men)

Appeared on her channel without make up for a tutorial 

which I admire since  I know many women who will not walk out the house without their slap

Check out Jackieo guys

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